Utilize the new court house for and indoor gun and archery range

I’ve been asked what would I do as sheriff if we too had a school shooting. Well, I’ve thought

and prayed about this for many days, and I now have an answer. We must be prepared. The

how came to me regarding this.

We will convert the new large court room into a shooting practice range, for hand guns and

archery. It’s not being used anyway plus there are still two other court rooms for us to use. We

will work closely with the school district and community to prepare a strong defensible plan.

We will have a 6 weeks situational (mock) set up. One for class room defense, and one for

home invasion etc. They will be day and evening classes so everyone to attend. After

completion of the course, we will present you with a yard sign or window sticker that states you

have completed the safety training course. Also, every year there will be a one week renewal

certificate update. This will have the side bonus of detouring home invasion . Intruders (either

schools or homes) will think twice before entering. Please let me know what you think of this.

Thanks Wayne

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Wayne Bryant
Author: Wayne Bryant

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