Agenda – June 27th, 2022

United For Freedom – Master Mind Meeting Agenda

June 27, 2022 6 pm at The Buck Stops Here

Our 15th meeting!

“To build and maintain positive community engagement uniting the people in Pagosa with

American values of Freedom and Equality”

□ Meeting starts at 6:00 pm. Sign in, grab your name tag (or have one made for you), find a seat.

□ Our Gratitude to Bernie and the Buck Stops Here! Sponsoring our meeting room and Excellent

food for our picnic!.

□ Welcome first-time visitors and new members!

□ Marybeth- Treasury report

□ Founding Father’s Day picnic: thanks to Rhonda for all her preparation work, thank all for

participating with good food and fellowship. Thank Shelli Shaw for coming.

□ Quick Campaign Updates:

 Wayne Bryant (running for Sheriff)

o Learn more about Wayne:

o How to sign for Wayne and Rachel to get them on the ballot

o How to donate, campaign contribution envelopes

o Upcoming Campaign events

o Voting deadline June 28.

□ Independence Day Parade: who’s going to decorate, what shall be our budget for decorations

□ Election Integrity: clean up our county votor roles, encourage the BoCC to require hand counts

□ Tony and Lori: update on the 2-way radio order.

□ Bill Olsen: tips on setting up the 2-way radios, charging protocol, licensing options.

□ Dr Marie and Dr Bill: presentation on nanoparticles , vaccine injury solutions

□ Want to be on the agenda to speak? Let us know! We want you to share your concerns and


□ How about a “show and tell”? Suggestion: Each week. a member brings an object or a topic of

interest they’d like to share: growing projects, patriotic items, family history, prepper tools and


□ Next Meeting: Monday, July 11 , 2022

□ Actions Items & Closing

What is a master mind?

“Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a

definite purpose.” – Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

Ronnie Vaughn
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