The reasons to leave SJBPH presented to the BoCC work session

Tuesday, April 26 at 8:30 am is the next Board of County Commissioners work session.  Shalene Zarate requested and was granted an opportunity to sit down with the Commissioners to discuss San Juan Basin Public Health and the option to create an independent public health department. A power point presentation has been created and there will be several presenters. The intent is to ask the Commissioners to create another task force to continue the investigation of options, costs and potential funding where the Health Investigation Committee left off last December.

Although public comment is not accepted at these work sessions, the more people present and watching on Zoom the better. It needs to be known that the public cares about the crimes SJBPH has committed in our county.

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Meeting ID: 916 0904 8375

Passcode: 4141885

Marybeth Snyder
Author: Marybeth Snyder

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