2022_0328 – Awaken Freedom Master Mind Meeting Agenda

  • Order your food and/or drink
  • Welcome first-time visitors
  • Deciding on a Mission Statement (Non-Partisan, Unity Based, Positive Approach, Freedom)
    Examples: ‘To build and maintain positive community engagement to unite everyone in Pagosa Springs’ American values of freedom and equality.’
    (‘for restoring freedom’, or ‘United to build and maintain positive community engagement in Pagosa Springs, CO).
  • Rhonda: Future Direction
  • Quick Campaign Updates:
    • Rachel Sunshine Suh (for Archuleta County Commissioner [District 3]) – Conquering Fear
      Learn more about Rachel: https://RachelSunshineSuh.com
    • Sara Cole (for Town Mayor) – Election Day: April 5th
      Learn more about Sara: https://ElectSaraColeForMayor.com
      Remaining Leftover Donations?
    • Wayne Bryant (for Sheriff)
      Learn more about Wayne: https://AmericansAgainstFraudAndCorruption.com
    • Shelli Shaw (for House District 59) – Ron B. has a request on her behalf
  • Update on Movie Showing: ‘Whose Kids Are They?’
  • UnitedForFreedom.us – Website Updates
  • Work Session + Progress Updates
    • Group 1: Preparedness
    • Group 2: Skills/Strengths/Interests for Current Community Efforts
    • Group 3: Growing the Group & Welcome Committee
  • Next Meeting & Action Items
  • Closing
  • Telegram Page: Awaken Freedom
    Please join us there to stay in the loop: https://t.me/+KheLUCpkKVI5MWQx
  • United for Freedom Platforms
    Website: https://UnitedForFreedom.us
    United for Freedom YouTube (find by typing in the name + Pagosa): https://www.YouTube.com/channel/UCYHf6Yq6CNyDB34mjmjGPRQ
  • What is a master mind?
    ‘Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.’ ~Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich
Roger Sanchez
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I choose Silent Hill..and freedom! 😉

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