2022_0314 – Awaken Freedom Master Mind Meeting Agenda

  • Welcome first-time visitors! – Ronnie and/or Rhonda
  • Telegram Page – Marybeth and/or Ron B.
  • Wayne Bryant (for Sheriff) – Wayne
  • HB-22-1279 – Lavonda
  • Shelli Shaw (for House District 59) – Ron B.
  • Break Out – Work Session
    • Group 1: Survival/Preparedness – Rhonda
    • Group 2: Skills/Strengths for Current Community Efforts – Shalene
    • Group 3: Growing the Group & Welcome Committee – Ronnie
  • Marybeth tells us about the sheetsand then lead us back together (timed?)
    • Each group will choose a spokes-person (not one of us) to share with group:
    • What did your micro-group come up with?
    • What is your homework?
  • Next Meeting (All of Us Stand Together)
    • Rhonda: Anything to mention about homework
    • Rhonda: Update on Beth and H&W (said she doesn’t know if and when, so until then we will continue)
    • Shalene: How often do we want to meet?
    • Shalene: How did you like the work-sessions? Should we do it again? Rachel will be back next week
    • Ronnie: Inviting friends to join
  • *FYIShalene will be out of town (it’s my birthday!)
  • Closing: Marybeth
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