Archuleta School District Sends E-Mails to Families Regarding Covid-19 Test-to-Stay Program

Archuleta School District Sends E-Mails to Families Regarding Covid-19 Test-to-Stay Program

On October 7, 2021, families across Arculeta County received an e-mail from the Archuleta School District (A.S.D.) (the e-mail address used to send the e-mail to parents was in case you’re a parent/citizen wanting to search your inbox for this e-mail) informing families that they have asked the state if Archuleta School District could be a pilot program as a test-to-stay option for students.

It should concern any parent, and community member, whom want to return to (whatever semblance of) normal sooner than later. Participation in this program (rather, willful request by A.S.D.) translates to meaning this is an extension to move the goal-posts and further this ‘pandemic’. This is not a move to make if ending the ‘pandemic’ is going to happen: it’s pushing us closer to compliance: we should understand this after almost two years into this drawn-out situation.

Related to this e-mail (but not mentioned in the letter), during the last School Board meeting (Tuesday, October 12, 2021 @ 6:00 P.M.), it was also mentioned that Zoom options will still be readily available for students.

Combine the two items (as well as additional issues like the bus-driver shortage [required shots/masks do play a big role in this issue]), and zero applicants as of the last aforenoted School Board meeting, and this is a catastrophe waiting to happen.

The catastrophe that I’m referring to is more school closures, increased stress to students and families, further progression into a police-state, incentivizing more testing (for which each test is a monetary payment to whomever is administering, as well as furthering skewed figures from already flawed/inaccurate tests that deliver false positives), deteriorating education (grades also were reported to have dwindled during this meeting), etc.

During my round of public comments, I had brought up that this information/e-mail was not posted on the Archuleta School District website, and if there would be any intention to post it soon. As of today, I still have not found it on the website.

I do feel this is an important e-mail for both families and Archuleta County residents as it further adds to the testing data that keep the ever-changing definition of ‘pandemic’ and ’emergency’ in-play.

Concerned parents and citizens; I encourage you all to attend these meetings, make your voice heard – whether it’s for or against masking. I regularly attend these, and many community meetings now, and I rarely see more than 20 people in any room at a time. We can’t blame them for their decisions if we aren’t attending these meetings, voicing our concerns, etc. when we, ourselves aren’t attending (in person or via Zoom). They are doing what they feel is within their purview, and that’s fair. It’s not fair that we are not building a large voice together to end this costly, unnecessary obedience.

Below, you will find both a copy of the letter that was attached to the e-mail. The first tab shows the image of the English version, the second tab shows the image of the Spanish version, and the third tab shows the e-mail in typed-format (so it’s easily found within search engines).

Thank you all and have a great day!

E-Mail to Parents (English)E-Mail to Parents (Spanish)E-Mail to Parents (Text Format)
Dear ASD Families;

Archuleta School District takes the health and safety of our students and their families very seriously. We have begun the year by following the health and safety precautions from CDPHE which include distancing, recommending masks for the unvaccinated, frequent hand washing, and recommending quarantine for close contacts of a COVID-19 positive case.

In an attempt to keep students in-school, schools are embracing a test-to-stay protocol which allows non-symptomatic close contacts to remain in the classroom.

As a school district, we have asked the state if we can be a pilot program as we implement a test-to-stay option for kids. A test-to-stay option would benefit students as its aim is to kep more kids in school by allowing students who are identified as close contacts to continue attending school as long as they have no symptoms and test negative for the virus every day for seven days following exposure. This approach will allow students who have possibly been exposed to the virus to stay in school.

The test-to-stay program will use a voluntary K-12 COVID-19 testing program for students. This program will use Abbott Laboratories BinaxNOW tests that have been provided to the District by the federal government. We will only test students with parental/guardian consent.

The following protocols will still be in effect for students who are found to be close contacts with a positive COVID case that do not wish to take advantage of the test-to-stay program.

  • 1. Quarantine for the next 5 days, with the option to test on day 5 and return to the school on day 7, provided they are symptom free;
  • 2. Student do not need to quarantine if they have had a confirmed, positive COVID-19 case within the last 90 days, or if they were wearing a mask;
  • 3: Students do not need to quarantine if they are fully vaccinated.

NOTE: As you can see, the ‘alternatives’ for families and students whom don’t wish to participate in this program is a lose-lose situation for the student as coercion to conform seems to be the only outcome possible.

ORIGINAL PDF: 2021_1007_Archuleta-School-District_Test-to-Stay-Letter_English-and-Spanish 10.07.21

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