2021_1013 – San Juan Basin Public Health & Archuleta County Health District Investigative Committee Meeting

2021_1013 – San Juan Basin Public Health & Archuleta County Health District Investigative Committee Meeting

On October, 13, 2021 @ 4:00 P.M. in the Archuleta Board of County Commissioners’ (BoCC) chambers, San Juan Basin Public Health (SJBPH) & Archuleta County Health District Investigative Committee met once again to discuss/figure out specifically what various public-health options SJBPH provides to Archuleta County, figure out specific financials/expenses, and more.

In my opinion, this whole meeting had empty, long-winded, drawn-out responses that led nowhere and brought forth nothing of substance from both Ann Bruzzese and Liane Jollon. They have a newly-revamped website that should house the information asked, but does not; it should post questions asked from the general Archuleta County public (which, both stated, received many calls from Archuleta residents) on their F.A.Q.s page on their website, but they openly state that talking to individuals over the phone is good enough. They have openly stated here that discussion about how SJBPH handles things could be discussed more AFTER the ‘pandemic’.

In addition, they openly state they are a highly financed middle-man, have one R.N. for both counties (Archuleta County and La Plata County), and that their web-masters, data-analysts, and finance team cannot parse data between both La Plata County and Archuleta County to provide Archuleta residents detailed information as to what we are being provided, how much it’s costing, and more.

In my opinion, the questions asked were weak, but that’s the outside looking in. For all I know, the HDIC investigative team could be ramping up to ask deeper questions later on. I don’t know. What is concerning is that there is no information regarding these meetings to be found online, so residents are left in the dark (NOTE: Pagosa Daily Sun’s Clayton Chaney did write an extensive article detailing the various meetings leading up to this one, so kudos to him). However, there’s no reference of this discussion anywhere within the BoCC website, among other references it should be in to keep the general populace informed.

IN DISCUSSION (present):
Mozhdeh Bruss (HDIC Chair)
Karin Daniels (SJBPH Vice-Chairman)
LaVonda Bass (HDIC Member)
Marybeth Snyder (HDIC Secretary)
Leslie Davis (HDIC Co-Chair)
Susie Kleckner (HDIC Board Member)

Ann Bruzzese (SJBPH President)
Liane Jollon (SJBPH Executive Director)

Warren Brown (Archuleta County District 1 County Commissioner)
Kalish Crossland (Division Director Prevention and Population Health Director)
Jodie Scarpa (Pagosa Springs Medical Center Manager of Foundation and Community Relations [and self-identified fan-girl of SJBPH])
Janet Wolf (SJBPH Policy and Partnerships Office & Clerk to the Board)
Rosalind Penney (SJBPH Director of Communicable Disease Conrol Division)
Adrian Uzunian (Director of Public Health Innovation)
Ann Kemp (SJBPH Human Resources Director)
Pamela and Michael Kostin (local residents)

About twenty at peak time.

NOT IN ATTENDANCE (HDIC Committee Members):
Adam Talamante (HDIC Member)
Mike Le Roux (HDIC Member)

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