Local Sheriff Candidate Q and A

Local Sheriff Candidate Q and A

We had a great time this past Sunday (May 2, 2021) at the park, and it was great to see a lot of people come together like it was 2019 B.C. (Before Corona) again. 😉

I have created a BitChute channelClick to visit United for Freedom US BitChute channel for this group. For the time being anyway, it will be one of the only social-media platforms I create for us. I may consider Gab, Minds, etc. in the future, but this website should be the primary go-to place for most all our needs, and I will not be adding a Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube, or any of the every-day censorious social-media platforms – ever.

During our park bar-b-que, we had special guest Boyd Neagle join us. Boyd is a candidate for our local county sheriff. He spoke with many of us individually at the park, and then took part in a Q&A with most of us. Below is the video footage of the event.

Thanks again Boyd for attending our event, and answering questions and concerns.

Roger Sanchez
Author: Roger Sanchez

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