Welcome to UnitedForFreedom.us

Welcome to UnitedForFreedom.us

Hello everyone!

Welcome to UnitedForFreedom.us! I wanted to take a moment to explain why I developed this community website.

My name is Roger, and I have been active in attempting to curb people’s ideologies for the betterment of themselves, their open mind, and to let go of the ego. I have been active in the political social-media sphere for almost five years; dealing with topics ranging from politics to social/racial issues.

I’ve started getting shadow-banned when I shifted towards certain topics that social-media platforms deemed taboo for people like me (Constitutionalist/Libertarian, freedom-minded minority), and had since experienced a sharp decline with subscribers, engagement, and subscribers informing me they were not receiving notices when I posted new content, as well as stopped being recommended in searches.

This frustrated me, because I was wanting to make an impact, and I had been, even a small one. When I started making that impact, I had been flagged as someone the mainstream social-media giants labeled as a ‘dissident’.

It’s ok. I see that Web 2.0 (A.K.A. ‘Old Tech’, like Twitter, YouTube, FaceBook, etc.) are in the stone-age and the future lies in Web 3.0 (A.K.A. ‘New Tech’ like BitChute, Minds, Gab, etc.); much like the financial industry as ‘Finance 2.0’, like big-banks and fiat is being exposes as the scam it is, and moving towards ‘Finance 3.0’, like Crypto, is the future if we all make efforts to move towards it, and begin tearing down the institutions that hold all of us back.

With all that stated, I decided to devote my time in creating this website – a community where people can discuss multiple topics openly, share information, state what’s on one-another’s minds, build community, and more – because I feel it’s one of the ways I can give back in this world of taking. All this is happening on a hosting platform that will allow free-speech and more.

We have a lot of work to do, and this is only the beginning. NONE of us have matching ideals for what our approach should be to bring liberty, freedom and common-sense back to the forefront of our country, but we have COMMON GOALS that we can agree on. We need to celebrate our individual beliefs and paths, but work together to find common-ground to achieve success.

I hope you enjoy being a part of this community, and appreciate all your ideas and efforts in building a better America – and world.

Roger Sanchez
Author: Roger Sanchez

I choose Silent Hill..and freedom! 😉

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  1. Those of us in Pagosa Springs, Colorado are slowly making a difference. We are getting involved in our County as never before. I want to thank all of you for standing up and challenging the status quo. Yes,we have made a difference. We still have a difficult ahead. I have faith we will persevere. Wayne

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